MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)

Understanding Your Personality - Putting Difference to Work

The Peter Bowes Consultancy

The MBTI is a widely used instrument for understanding normal personality differences.

The MBTI is used in:

For Mentoring
I am able to provide mentoring which is based on your knowledge of your own personality and how that difference to others can become the means of energising and fulfilling personal and business relationships.

For Personality Evaluation
If required, I am able to administer the MBTI questionnaire and give you the feedback you need to gain understanding of your own personality and clues about how the personalities of others will be evident. The aim is to develop your ability to value difference rather than have those so-called 'personality clashes'.

For team development
I am able to develop a workshop for a particular team's needs. A typical aim for a day's event might be to provide an experiential, enjoyable and safe environment in which everyone participating can discover how differences they know exist between themselves and others can become the understanding that helps them develop much better relations in professional and personal life.

Formally, I am qualified to administer the Step 1 of the MBTI by Oxford Psychology Press in the UK.

You can contact me at peterjohnbowes@gmail.com

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