The HSF Scale

This page is for anyone who is feeling stuck.

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You might be, for example, in despair of finding work, friendship, a partner, enough money, or meaning for life.

At our best, we human beings seem able to use frustrations, even disasters, to motivate us to make changes for the better. We know we function and cope with life much better when some of what we do, and the relationships we have, mean something to us.

At our worst then, we have no energy, feel like victims, cogs in a machine, we lose respect for ourselves and others, feel a failure and lose the will to get out of bed, or even the will to live.

Human energy is related to our biological and psychological make up, our social interactions, and our physical environment. We need to know who we are, to have a sense of belonging and to grasp a sense of purpose. All or some of this gives some meaning to our lives.

The Heimler Scale (see and highlights the main areas of our life and issues we face. Answering the Heimler Scale questions (simply as yes, no or perhaps) is a reliable and authentic way of demonstrating our frustrations and our satisfactions. Our answers show our particular problems against a backdrop of our total life situation.

Once your frustrations and satisfactions are mapped by your answers, you will be able to see more clearly how you are currently using your energy and where it might be blocked. You will see what is bringing satisfaction or frustration in areas of work, family, friendship, finance and in your personal life.

The scale indicates how well you are functioning and gives you opportunity to see what needs attention now. You will be encouraged to create something better for yourself. If you decide more help is needed you will be helped to identify the resource you need.

Hazel Scott BowesI am Hazel Scott Bowes MTh, CDRS, Member BACP, an accredited HSF Scale practitioner with over 40 years experience as an educator and trainer in the UK, Ghana and Zambia. See

If you would like to try the HSF scale and consider follow-up help contact me at or through The Peter Bowes Consultancy.

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