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I qualified as a teacher in UK and worked here for a short time before going to Zambia for 4 years and teaching in a boys' secondary school and also a junior school. On my return to the UK, I taught for 20 years in Lazonby in Cumbria while also raising my two sons. My interests were in drama, dance, books, gardening and the church community.

In 1989 I resigned from teaching in school in order to study for the Cambridge Diploma in Religious Studies at Northumbria Bible College, a move which ultimately led to my moving to live in Edinburgh in preparation for going overseas to work. Edinburgh meant placements with church communities, international students and encounter with the Centre for the Study of Christianity in the Non-Western World at New College, the University of Edinburgh.

Whilst studying at the Centre I met several African Church leaders, especially the late Rev Professor Kwame Bediako from Ghana, who as a visiting academic, annually taught African Theology and African Christianity there. Having completed my Master of Theology degree and convicted that I should explore working in that West African culture, I was able to work for 3 years at the mission research centre in Ghana, where Bediako was the Director. During the following 10 years I had various roles in which I worked mainly with Ghanaians in designing and teaching courses to facilitate and train pastors and lay persons from different Church backgrounds. This work aimed to promote the development of the people who make up the Church in Ghana and to develop their understanding of people of other religious backgrounds within their own culture.

I left Ghana in 2010, re-married, and moved back to Cumbria. Throughout my time in Africa, I engaged with Elizabeth and Mike Jones at Care for Mission and Healthlink360 (http://esjonestc.webplus.net, www.healthlink360.org) to monitor my psychological and physical health. One of the main tools these agencies used was the HSF Scale described on this website. I was enabled to keep a focus on my own motivation and energy, through giving attention to what frustrated and what satisfied and how this underpinned my ability to function in a demanding environment.

My experience has motivated me to train to use the HSF scale for others. I now practice in Cumbria near Penrith and Carlisle in the Eden Valley. You are very welcome to explore the HSF Scale page and if you think I can be of help to you, please contact me.

You can find me on www.icumbria.info or contact me at hafuas@hotmail.com

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