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I now think of mentoring as a process within a relationship of equals that enable participants to:

So who is likely to be mentored?
The idea that someone is assigned a mentor from whom to learn the required performance is clearly not envisaged in the definition given. The prerequisite is that the individual wants to learn from their own experience, is willing to listen and be listened to, and has the courage to change. Since it is increasingly hard and tough for those who manage organisations today, it is likely that Leaders and Managers will benefit from and want to engage in Mentoring

What do I provide as the Mentor?
I will need to be someone who has experience in related aspects of the Mentee's world though not necessarily expert in that world. I will be someone who is evidently a self reflective practitioner and is demonstrating a personal mastery rather than only a technical one. Empathic communication will be an essential characteristic of the relationship provided since the aim is to facilitate your growth in your own way and in your own world.

So Executive Mentoring might provide for you:

You can be helped to:

Formally, I have experienced in senior management in the IT industry and as a senior Minister in a city centre church for 19 years.
My training as a counsellor/psychotherapist equips me to facilitate the development professionally and personally of my clients.
My experience over the past 12 years facilitating management and leadership development gives me the confidence that I have good experience of organisational cultures

You can contact me at peterjohnbowes@gmail.com

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