BACP Senior Accredited Supervisor (1995)

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My role as a Supervisor has many aspects. I believe the art of supervision depends on the ability of the Supervisor to encourage the best from the Counsellor for the benefit of the clients of that Counsellor. This ability is not dependent upon Supervisor and Counsellor sharing the same preferred psychological model and way of working. Rather, it is the Supervisor's responsibility to learn how the Counsellor wants to work and support encourage and aid the development of that way of working.

Sometimes a mentor or a coach, sometimes a consultant or a sounding board, and always providing a consistent space and relationship in which the Counsellor can find his or her balance and trust in his or her capacities as a Counsellor, I intend to trust and believe authentically in the integrity Counsellor. I expect that as the relationship develops the Counsellor is able to use the relationship with me and that space provided to reflect themselves on their experiences with and thinking about their clients. And I acknowledge that sometimes the Counsellor might just need nurture and support when encounter's with a client's world has been disturbing or even bruising.

Experience over 30 years has shown me that the environment in which the Counsellor works and into which his or her clients come can have a significant influence in the therapeutic process. Managing a contract with a client in a one to one contract is one thing, doing this when the contract is three or four way and the Counsellor has responsibilities to his or her employers, brings additional pressures.

Hopefully, my experience over 30 years, my role as a trainer of Counsellors to Certificate and Postgraduate level, can be of value for the supervisee to draw from as and when seen helpful. And a similar length experience as a therapist may sometimes be needed for the supervisee personally as well.

Naturally I have a responsibility to the professional body to whom the Counsellor is committed and supervision is not possible without that professional ethical frame of reference. Membership of one or other of the professional organisations for counsellors, psychotherapists or psychologists is a necessary prerequisite for supervision to take place.

And finally, working as a Supervisor, I have become convinced that just as counselling proceses work well with 60 minute sessions, supervisory processes seem to work best with sessions of 90 minutes.

Technically, I hold a Certificate in Counselling Supervision from Stockton Psychotherapy Institute.
I acknowledge a debt to the Systems Approach to Supervision by Elizabeth Holloway and to the dynamic model of Hawkins and Shohet.
And my internal meaning making tends to be in an object relations paradigm.
I am a Senior Accredited Counsellor and Supervisor with BACP

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